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[The Bod L-O-L (Library-On-Line) is currently in the midst of a major re-design of all sites, with new wings & annexes for various topic areas. Some rooms or pages may be private (remaining invisible) or be labelled PROTECTED (requiring password to open) until more worthy of valued visitors like you, whose attention we’d rather not waste. Even so, opened rooms, like this, remain works-in-progress, so cycle back from time to time if only to note progress.]

MAP 1: You’ve reached # the sign at the entrance; # a map room with a view of itself; # the center of the known [poetry, ecology & art] universe; # the mirror at the heart of the world; # the peripheral edge of…where you are nowthe New Bod Center’s Entry Post.

Besides disorientation, map, mop & self-reference room,  www.bod-library.net holds whatever artists-in-residence have made or been making. Poetry-music rooms, atrium & galleries are home to featured arts & special exhibits. Related rooms may be stacked, but any room is reachable from any other by clicking its title in menu.photo


MAP 2: From here, you can:

a) Scroll down for more on THIS PAGE.

b) Click to OTHER PAGES on this site for particular genres or interest areas, using menu at top, e.g., ATRIUM for currently featured exhibits (or up soon):
~~~~~~~”Atrium Archeology–what was here, the territory inherited”;
~~~~~~~”Trompe l’oeil–the reality behind illusion”;
~~~~~~~”Auroville at 50–township of what’s to come?” [ASAP]
~~~~POETRY-Snaps for haikai albums;
~~~~POETRY-World for gifts from everywhere [ASAP];
~~~~ALICE’S GALLERY for varb artworks.

c) Click to NEW LINKED WINGS & ANNEXES in the Bod L-O-L Complex–e.g.,
www.Eco-Wing.net, for Nature’s Way, the Aldo Zone, Seeds of Thought;
www.Bod-Library.xyz, for Game Theory, Strategic Thinking…;
www.Bodlibrary.xyz, for Bod College, Productive Awareness, Easy Writing…;

d) Click to OLD LINKED WINGS & ANNEXES in the Bod L-O-L Complex–e.g.,
www.bodlibrary.com for Old Bod Center–Poetry, Album Snaps, & Various Archives.
www.bodlibrary.org for Miscellaneous Posts +History Annex Topic pages;

[A technical glitch has lost contact with bodlibrary.info, our previous Basho Wing, with a new & improved wing not yet ready for friends. A glitch with how bodlibrary.net, our game-theory & thinking course site, displayed on some platforms has led to REPLACING it with www.Bod-Library.XYZ (for game theory) & www.Bodlibrary.XYZ (for writing & other courses). All sites should be considered “IN PROGRESS,” i.e., at various stages of roughness, fine tuning, de-bugging, incompleteness, random un-improvement, editorial deletion, etc., just “the best they can be or yet know how so far.” –ed.] 

e) For another view on that, the library is ashamed to admit (but not too humble to boast) it continues to earn the “Preservation of the Freedom to Be in Bad Taste Award” received so long ago, yet still proudly displayed in the foyer (snack bar, aviary, etc.–it gets around).

[Indeed, however much librarians may quiver or patrons quibble, the award represents a noble library tradition, older than Moses, which held that–just as the chiseler was not necessarily responsible for the words directed, nor the cemetery for the epitaphs–the mirror was not responsible for what appeared  in it, not a library–which might house all kinds of chiselings, tablets, scrolls, ravings, wills & testaments, inspirations, expirations, perspirations, expired prescriptions, transcriptions, inscriptions, post-cryptions, &, most unpredictably of all, subscriptions (including publications & productions of Mirror-Times-Mirror Media).  

Should the library cancel its subscription to The Journal of Secondary Primatology for having a recent article on primate behaviors some readers found offensive? Or must a librarian read every article with scissors & razor in hand to delete potentially offensive materials before shelving? No. Though it sometimes makes us a repository of bad taste, we must suspend judgment, letting materials speak for themselves, & interested readers make their own judgements, if so inclined, whether of words, works or worlds reflected, however warped some lenses may seem (or be).

As a larger mechanism, the library leaves judgements of particular materials to you (or to Yo in the holy texts of the Yoyos, people of the Yoyo Archipelago). On the other hand, space, time, & attention being limited, the virtual Bod never meant to be all things to all people, let alone “all-inclusive,” leaving that to some other Bod, ours being highly selective & narrowly focused on providing material more or less almost exclusively available no where else. (Let Oxford’s Bodley or Bishor O’Dowd say that!)

Most of our sites, rooms, pages, files, scraps of this & that, content & deletions of all sorts are original creations, therefore. Sometimes that means uploading an existing thought-image-reflection-article, though often content is created fresh on site, as here & now. In either case, the content & the space occupied are created together–then actively uploaded (& updated) on the possibility of providing you (Yo) enjoyment, education, enlightenment, insight, realization &/or creative spark–if not you, someone else. (Even if just my own. –Yours Crudely)

That implies selective criteria, in other words, and a higher level of responsibility for content. In this case, for example, the library doesn’t just shelve The Journal of Secondary Primatology, but must also create it, and imagine the article some (equally imagined) readers may find offensive. So be it. Having suspended judgment long enough to open the library’s: sesame, files, spaces, mirror-times-mirror windows, venetian blinds, etc., to the (imagined) world of Yo, the attentive, a contrarian corrective kicks in to “not be too selective,” i.e., just show what’s there, warts,   disorientation & bad taste included at no extra charge.  

“The dilemma of having high standards on the one hand, a commitment to contrarian tastes on the other, & 3rd hand with a mind of its own on the keyboard, may be easily resolved by turning upside down while spinning,” an old fortune cookie only readable with a mirror might have claimed. Instead, that’s the questionable premise adopted by the Peninsula Independent Press Association, in naming the Bod Complex an official PIPA Scrap Dump & Clipping Depositary.

Alas, we are inundated daily with daily dumplings, only some of which escape their paper scraps to jump on-line, albeit with maximum suspension of judgment & taste, while Yours Crudely was busy in absentia, or engaged in the yoga of making laughter, an occupation known to thrive in the absence of the usual judgments & filters. Thanks to their higher level of questionable taste, samples of “miscellaneous crap” from PIPA-clippings are stored in a site of their own:]

www.Mirror-Times-Mirror.net, “where the more or less random meets the sporadically disordered for an uncorrected journey holistically reflecting holographically reversed, cursively perverse, inversely subversive, concisely discursive perspectives on the cracked world & its broken news.” (Don’t blame us.)

f) Check out IN-HOUSE NEWSLETTERS, imaginary staff exercises made trying out templates in Apple’s Pages program, some chock full of photos, others (like the last 3) “just for the fun of it” (never sent). [Ooops. Trying to move later to top has discombobulated for now. Will re-organize ASAP.]

~~No News Magazine 1 (Jan. 2017)

~~The Daily Bod (Nov. 9, 2016)

~~B’Odd News 3 (winter 2015-2016)

~~Bod College News 2 (spring 2016)
~   Silver Linings 1 (fall 2015):
~~~~~Silver Linings 1 (9-24-15)
~~B’Odd News 3 (winter 2015-2016)
~~Bod College News 2 (spring 2016)

g) COME BACK OFTEN–you shouldn’t expect to exhaust what a library has to offer in a single visit, even one with as limited in scope as this, no matter how well exhausted you may be from your concentrated attention by the end of a session.

“As often as come back, there’s always more to find, more to share, more to do, more to re-do.”
–Yours Crudely, Self-reference librarian (& Chief Re-doer)

[This space sponsored by Gigi’s G-Spot, “where there’s always more to see, do, & enjoy.”]


Feel freeto noodle around the different wings, annexes, gardens, exhibits, scroll-map-self-reference-&-special topic rooms, shops & bistros, hotspots, nooks & crannies, etc. at your own risk, as usual, with special care in re-construction areas, labyrinths, worm-holes, crossing slippery ellipses & sounding the depths of bottomless cloud-sourced pages….


Map 3: the Bod-Library Complex–



MAPS: A MAPS room will be up shortly, followed eventually by content.

ATRIUM: Our exhibit space has a first exhibit–“What was already here, the inherited territory,” more or less related to mapping. Coming soon: “Bridges”; “Entries & Exits”; “Auroville at 50.”

POETRY: Note that poetry areas may be stacked (vertically) &/or in columns (1, 2, 3, 4), loosely corresponding to the 4 major gateways, verbal pillars or poetry lineages: global mastersfree lyric, camera snap (hai!), & perverse verse. Masterworks transcend their time, place, genre, & maker. Free lyrics are free to be most anything, in traditional forms (or not). Besides being a snap, snap-poetry owes its existence to Basho’s “hokku” (opening verse), & his smart-camera verbal lens. Perverse verse needs no introduction, speaks for itself, has multiple parentage.

ART: Galleries will also be stacked, with works piled, shrunk & twisted as well as hung. (“Any resemblance to the original works is purely coincidental.”) Think of the gallery area as our refrigerator, and the art (mostly Virginia’s) magnetic. For those who consider photography an art, new tech opens many horizons to amateurs like us, as exhibits should reflect. (The cloud view above is from Gita’s long-developing album of cloud-reflections, in words & pixels.)


Poetry currently featured in rooms of their own (World; Archives; Snaps):

Gifts from everywhere, e.g., Kitty Houghton, Sri Aurobindo,  Rilke, Rumi & Rabindranath, Old & New Mexico…

Leaky Buckets, poetrymusic from the old days, including Rolling On: the wagon years (words & music of the Santa Fe Trail, cd produced by KUNM radio, 2003) & Like Water: In Spring Runoff (poetry & guitar, a “best-of-class, 1995”–MicLine Mag. Awards).

Snaps, Hai! little word-snaps from Inspiration log, with photos, an occasional haibun (e.g., “Welcome to Inspiration”; “On Seasons & Tricksters”) & related prose riffs.