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image-2~~~Filing-Cabinet in the clouds;

~~~Offerings of this & that;

~~~Architecture of shared awareness;

~~~Musings & inspirations, insights & follies, etc. 

[The Bod L-O-L (Library-On-Line) is re-designing all sites, with new wings & annexes for various topic areas. Some rooms or pages may remain private (invisible) or be PROTECTED (with password needed to open) until deemed worthy of visitors like you. Even opened rooms, like this, remain works-in-progress, so cycle back from time to time to note progress, new material, etc.]

MAP 1: You’ve reached # the sign at the entrance; # a map room with a view of itself; # the center of the known [poetry, ecology & art] universe; # the mirror at the heart of the world; # the peripheral edge of…where you are nowthe New Bod Center’s Entry Post.

Besides disorientation, map, mop & self-reference rooms,  www.bod-library.net holds whatever imaginary artists-in-residence may be sharing in poetry & music rooms, atrium & galleries, each home to featured arts & special exhibits. Closely related rooms may be stacked, but any room is reachable from any other by clicking its title in menu.photo


MAP 2: From here, you can:

a) Scroll down for more on THIS PAGE.

b) Click to OTHER PAGES on this site for particular genres or interest areas, using menu at top:
~~~~MAPS, where guess what’s the territory;
~~~~ATRIUM for currently featured exhibits, e.g.,:
~~~~~~~”Auroville at 50–township of dawns to come?” [more ASAP]
~~~~~~~”Universe at….”
~~~~~~~”Trompe l’oeil–the reality behind illusion”;
~~~~~~~”Open Atrium Archeology–digging the site….”
~~~~POETRY-Snaps for short word-pops, album shots, weather-grams, etc.;
~~~~POETRY-World for gifts from here & there, bits & pieces from the global legacy;
~~~~ALICE’S GALLERY for visual arts-play-therapy from Studio 1313….

c) Click to NEW LINKED WINGS & ANNEXES in the Bod L-O-L Complex–e.g.,
www.Eco-Wing.net, for Nature’s Way, the Aldo Zone, Seeds of Thought;
www.Bod-Library.xyz, for Game Theory, Strategic Thinking…;
www.Bodlibrary.xyz, temporary home for Bod College (Productive Awareness, Easy Writing…);

d) Click to OLD LINKED WINGS & ANNEXES in the Bod L-O-L Complex–e.g.,
www.bodlibrary.com for Old Bod Center–different poetry, album snaps, & archives.
www.bodlibrary.org for Miscellaneous Posts +History Annex Topic pages (2016-17);

www.Mirror-Times-Mirror.net, “where the more or less random meets the sporadically disordered for an uncorrected journey holistically reflecting holographically reversed, cursively perverse, inversely subversive, concisely discursive perspectives on the cracked world & its broken news.” (Don’t blame us.)

f) Not click IN-HOUSE NEWSLETTERS (below), these being mostly staff exercises to try out templates in Apple’s Pages program; though one or two may be chock full of photos &/or library news, most were done “just for the fun of it” & NEVER SENT–for reasons that may seem obvious to discriminating readers & non-readers alike. Ignore any web-site references they contain as all that’s new now.

~~No News Magazine 1 (Jan. 2017)

~~The Daily Bod (Nov. 9, 2016)

~~B’Odd News 3 (winter 2015-2016)

~~Bod College News 2 (spring 2016)
~   Silver Linings 1 (fall 2015):
~~~~~Silver Linings 1 (9-24-15)
~~B’Odd News 3 (winter 2015-2016)
~~Bod College News 2 (spring 2016)

g) COME BACK OFTEN–you shouldn’t expect to exhaust what a library has to offer in a single visit, even one with as limited in scope as this, no matter how well exhausted you may be from your concentrated attention by the end of a session.

“As often as come back, there’s always more to find, more to share, more to do, more to re-do.”
–Yours Crudely, Self-reference librarian (& Chief Re-doer)

[This space sponsored by Gigi’s G-Spot, at the heart of  the Mishugunah Peninsula, “where there’s always more to enjoy.”]


Feel freeto noodle around the different wings, annexes, gardens, exhibits, scroll-map-self-reference-&-special topic rooms, shops & bistros, hotspots, nooks & crannies, etc. at your own risk, as usual, with special care in re-construction areas, labyrinths, worm-holes, crossing slippery ellipses & sounding the depths of bottomless cloud-sourced pages skating on thin ice….


Map 3: the Bod-Library Complex–



MAPS: A MAPS room is up, followed eventually by (more & more) content.

ATRIUM: Our exhibit space has a first exhibit–“What was already here, the inherited territory,” more or less related to mapping. Coming soon: “Bridges”; “Entries & Exits”; “Auroville at 50.”

POETRY: Note that poetry areas may be stacked (vertically) &/or in columns (1, 2, 3, 4), loosely corresponding to the 4 major gateways, verbal pillars or poetry lineages: global mastersfree lyric, camera snap (hai!), & perverse verse.

Here, the 1st is called World, & partly in translation. Masterworks transcend their time, place, genre, & maker. Free lyrics can be most anything, in traditional forms (or not), & may even include music, so also sometimes called cheap. Besides being a snap, snap-poetry owes its existence to Basho’s “hokku” (opening verse), & his smart-camera’s brush-pen lens. The last lineage (perverse) isn’t up yet (as per 6/15/2018), needs no introduction, speaks for itself, has multiple parents.

ART: Galleries will also be stacked, with works piled, shrunk & twisted as well as hung. (“Any resemblance to the original works is purely coincidental.”) Think of the gallery area as our refrigerator, and the art (mostly Virginia’s) magnetic. For those who consider photography an art, new tech opens many horizons to amateurs like us, as exhibits should reflect. (The cloud view above is from Gita’s long-developing album of cloud-reflections, in words & pixels.)


Poetry currently featured in rooms of their own (World; Archives; Snaps):

Gifts from everywhere, e.g., Kitty Houghton, Sri Aurobindo,  Rilke, Rumi & Rabindranath, Old & New Mexico…

Poetry-music from the old days includes Rolling On: the wagon years (words & music of the Santa Fe Trail, cd produced by KUNM radio, 2003) & Like Water: In Spring Runoff (poetry & guitar, a Leaky Buckets Music cassette, named “best-of-class, 1995” by MicLine Magazine, i.e., in a class of its own).

Snaps, Hai! little word-snaps from Inspiration log, with photos, an occasional haibun (e.g., “Welcome to Inspiration”; “On Seasons & Tricksters”), with related prose riffs in an under-file room.